About Us


Of course, you’ve had a good steak before. It was well done. Most things probably were. But was the experience rare?

At Butcher Boys, it’s not about good… it’s about great. (With a special emphasis on great steaks). Everything we do says; come in, pull up a chair, never eat anywhere else again.

For example:

  • Compliments. Yes, you look great tonight. But we’re talking about the pairings of service and experience. Fine wine and exceptional food. Friends and family. Celebrations and memories.
  • Fire. Sure, some restaurants have sizzle. But that doesn’t light up anything really, let alone appetites, events and favourite dining experiences. We love what we do and we’re passionate about our offering. That’s a meal maker.
  • Time. Perfection takes time – everyone knows that, but they don’t really know quite how much. A memorable dining experience for example comes under the care and guidance of a restaurant team with years in the business (that’s us). A great steak comes down to the care of an exceptional kitchen and seconds on the grill. We get these things just right, and they are reasons enough to spend some time with us.

All this to say, for the Butcher Boys, we judge our success by your returns, not ours.


2 Well-aged ‘boys’ (excellent news in the world of prime steakhouses where that sort of thing makes all the difference), Alan Lazarus (Lazzie) and Derryck Myers, opened the doors of the first Butcher Boys in November 1999. Their years of exceptional restaurant experience has made them one of the most beloved teams on the Durban restaurant scene.

With two established locations in KZN, the Butcher Boys footprint now extends into Gauteng, where outstanding restaurateurs, themselves also ‘well aged’ boys, Jorge Ferreira and Gigi Nobrega have brought their signature style and passion to the brand, introducing it to the Meyersdal community, where they are respected and renowned.